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Foreign studies shouldn’t be exclusive preserve of elites, says Brix Group Int’l – Vanguard

Foreign studies shouldn’t be exclusive preserve of elites, says Brix Group Int’l – Vanguard

By Joseph Erunke
ABUJA-Brix Group International, a service-based firm established to help businesses and individuals achieve growth and profit through education, consulting, training and IT-enabled solutions,has tasked Nigerians not to see foreign studies as exclusive preserve of the elites.
Chief Executive Officer,CEO of the group,Sadasivam Rajendran,speaking in Abuja, said his organisation’s priority was to see that middle and low income families access foreign education without much challenges.
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The consulting firm boasted that it had the capacity to facilitate the admission of low income students who have the passion of studying abroad.
Rajendran disclosed that Brix is in partnership with institutions in Germany, India, Turkey and Austria with access to free education services, especially at masters’ degree level, adding that students in Nigeria may not be aware of these offers. 
“I can give you a quick example that the current study abroad aspirers may not be aware of; and that is the free education opportunity in Germany where students wont be required to pay a single Dollar or Euro in tuition fee. This is one of the numerous wonderful project which some European countries have put in place to assist their citizens as well as citizens of other nationalities. 
“Our students are not exposed to these things. So our primary objective of having this academy and the system is to expose the students to these kinds of scholarships and free education programmes,” he said.
He however noted that candidates seeking admission for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes must have good grades in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, WASSCE, National Examinations Council, NECO or Bachelor Degree.
“I will work hard to ensure that low income students, who don’t have enough money but have good scores in WAEC, NECO or Bachelor Degree, are given admissions if they have the passion of studying abroad.
“Personally, I feel that access to having quality education, be it locally or internationally, by studying abroad should not only be an opportunity for the elite community. It should also go to middle and low income households because I came from very humble beginnings in the low income group. 
“Back then, I had a dream and passion to study abroad but lacked the capacity to actualise that dream and fulfil my passion. However, because I could not actualize that particular dream does not mean others cannot, and so I developed a new passion that involved helping individuals and families, especially those from middle and low income households, actualize their dreams of not only studying abroad but also having access to affordable quality education and qualification pathways,” he said.
Speaking on why he started the consultancy group, he said too many Nigerian students are being scammed over the issue of gaining admissions and acquiring academic visas to study abroad.
“For a long time, a decent number of people and groups aspiring to have their education abroad have fallen victims to fraudulent recruitment agents who would promise scholarships, university admissions and visa counselling services, for no small fee; at the end of the day, these poor individuals end up being disappointed with no proof of university admissions or questionable conditional scholarship offers. 
“A lot of times, these victims suffer visa refusals, and in many cases, visa bans which eventually becomes problematic for them and their overall education aspirations.  
“I saw that many innocent people were suffering due to these unfortunate incidents, so we decided and started Brix Consultancy with the aim of transparently availing interested individuals and groups, the right exposure to different kinds of scholarship programmes across the globe,” he said.
According to Rajendran, last year, over eight students were successfully admitted into Indian institutions and another in London, through Brix Group.
“We facilitated a number of them for free education programme in public universities, which means the public universities don’t offer scholarship because the education is free. However, this programme leans towards a masters hence you will be required to score good grades in German language, plus a distinction in your bachelors degree. 
“In addition, we have CIT University in Punjab, India which offers a tuition fee from a million naira for a three year bachelors degree programme, including accommodation.  There are lots of students who have enjoyed India’s system of education on bachelors and masters, and have returned to their home country in flying colours. 
“In fact, even in 2018, we had a student named Stella, who came tops in one of the Masters in chemistry in India and topped in the university and brought glory to Nigeria.We are extremely proud of her,” he said.
Brix Group is an umbrella for different consultancy services on education, training and training facilitation, which includes  Brix Academy that provides language training programmes, IELTS, GMAT, ICAN, ACCA trainings, JAMB, WAEC, NECO training for students, foreign language training programmes, among others.
“In 2016, we started with small training programmes like IELTS classes, foreign Language programs ICT training under Brix Academy banner, and went on to start the study abroad consultancy service in 2019 under level up study abroad brand just before the global Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.
He noted that the educational services offered by his organisation have the FCT mass education approval, which is renewed every year. 
“Of course our  agency is registered in the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, and we are exclusive partners to a professional global body like the Association of Business Executives UK in Abuja. We are also working with IAPSM international institute of Boston and Safety management. They also gave us an exclusive certification. That is what we need actually. 
“We are not going into primary or secondary school where we need ministry of education approval. We do only more of informal education and more of adult education,” he said.
He commended the quality of the educational system in Nigeria and noted that his organisation was only looking at gaps it can fill and where it can can upgrade the students’ level. 
“There is nothing to say about the existing schools, they are doing well, whether, primary, secondary or tertiary institutions,” he said.




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