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Wednesday, 22 December
21 Dec

The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the employment landscape over the past two years with a notable talent shortage across businesses and industries, according to ManpowerGroup SA managing director Lyndy van den Barselaar.

The 14th ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage survey, for example, shows that companies are experiencing a 15-year-high talent shortage with 69% of companies reporting hard and soft skill talent shortages across the globe.
“Top companies are again starting to search for top talent after last year’s hiring hiatus. But it is important to be very clear about the skills companies are looking for, because the competition for plum positions is fiercer than ever,” says Dr Carla Enslin, co-founder and head of postgraduate studies and research at The Independent Institute of Education’s Vega School. It is, therefore, not merely a case of notching up one qualification after the other. 
20 Dec
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