Home eLearning Swine it Podcast, Swine Academy, and CerdoCast are joining forces in a project of global expansion. – The Pig Site

Swine it Podcast, Swine Academy, and CerdoCast are joining forces in a project of global expansion. – The Pig Site

Swine it Podcast, Swine Academy, and CerdoCast are joining forces in a project of global expansion. – The Pig Site

In 2021, these three swine companies worked together on a global expansion project of these brands, creating a joint venture to implement combined project management.
The history of these three companies begins in 2012, when veterinarian Márcio Gonçalves launched SuinoCast, the first podcast on the Brazilian swine industry. Then in 2018, while still in Brazil, he launched the Swine Academy eLearning platform. Dr Gonçalves subsequently launched Swine Hunters, a swine talent recruitment company, in 2019. In 2020, Márcio founded Swine Impact, a social media management company, and the first SuínoTalks programs were held.
While the Swine Academy continued to progress, the addition of partners Luiza Pommerehn and Jamil Faccin, the Swine it Podcast began in 2020 in the USA, led by Dr Gonçalves. And during its first year, Swine it launched SwineTalks — an event with the same format as the Portuguese language event. In that same year, CerdoCast, the corresponding Spanish language unit, led by partner Leandro Del Tuffo, also had this podcast as its initial project.
These companies have always maintained the mission of disseminating knowledge on swine farming in a manner that is accessible, each in its own language, with aligned projects and strategic objectives being the key themes for creating the joint venture.
In December 2021, the companies will be formally managed as a joint venture, which will adopt the singular name of Swine it and will maintain a remote and asynchronous working format with more than 50 direct and indirect employees based in over ten countries on four continents.
In addition to the operational and cultural changes, the companies have also adopted a new brand architecture, being the result of extensive research and branding work, which better conveys the DNA of the joint venture and will also allow for orderly growth of the brand following the new operating model.

We spent all of 2021 adjusting teams, procedures, and processes with a global strategy in mind. It has been a long and exhausting process for our entire team.
Thus, Swine it will become a leader in disseminating knowledge on the swine industry, reaching about 140,000 swine professionals globally, consequently impacting over 9 million sows and 213 million pigs per year.
The three companies now comprise an extensive portfolio of services for swine students, professionals, and companies. For students and professionals, Swine it offers:

  • Annual subscription: Subscription to all 34 courses in several areas.
  • MasterClass: An exclusive online course that provides content from the best swine professionals in a format that’s specially designed for studying and networking.
  • SwineTalks: Global online events in a TED talk format scheduled for 2022.
  • Elite Swine Nutritionist Program: An intensive animal nutrition program entirely focused on pigs that’s suitable for anyone in the field: from producers to academics. This program is divided into seven modules that include over 160 classes, with presentations by several international experts and numerous advanced tools in the field of nutrition.
  • Elite Swine Veterinarian: Similar to the nutrition program but focused on swine health.

In addition to all of the above, there is a free exchange of lots of information through the platform, blog, podcast, mailing list, social media, and telegram and WhatsApp groups.
For businesses, the services have also been conjoined and have gone global. They are:
Swine it was born with the vision to “create a positive impact in the global swine industry” and a specific mission “To impact 300,000 swine professionals by the end of 2023.”
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